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Babe Hair Extensions Advanced Victoria 

March 9th, 01:00 AM - March 9th, 04:00 PM

Become a Babe Hair Extensions Certified Stylist and you can give women long, full hair with tons of ..

Babe Hair Extensions Intro Victoria 

March 9th, 09:30 AM - March 9th, 12:30 PM

LEARNING OBJECTIVESLearn how (hands-on) to install and remove all methods of Babe hair extensions in..

Babe Hair Extensions Mastery Victoria 

October 18th, 09:30 AM - October 19th, 04:00 PM

Get a magnified, in-depth view of hair extensions when you attend the Babe Mastery Tour. In the Mast..

EVO Advanced Hair Craft Victoria 

September 21st, 09:30 AM - September 21st, 05:00 PM

creative stylingfor all the hair go-getters out there... this ones for you. learn how to perform con..

EVO Brunch and Learn Victoria 

April 27th, 09:30 AM - April 27th, 05:00 PM

A smorgashboard of Evo goodies, all in one place. Learn of bit of everything that Evo has to offer j..

Redken Mix Master Victoria 

March 16th, 09:30 AM - March 16th, 05:00 PM

“Hidden Gems” are those shades hidden in every haircolor dispensary that will add success and perfec..

Redken Shades EQ Gloss Obsessed Victoria 

June 15th, 09:30 AM - June 15th, 05:00 PM

Shades EQ Gloss Product Knowledge:This class is designed to provide an in depth understanding of all..